Monday, January 17, 2011

Whats the deal?

Some of you know Matt Isbell and some of you don't, Matt is the bass player from Fingers Crossed, and more importantly one of the few people I'm proud to call my friend. If you've ever met Matt you know he is one of the funniest, happiest, and sweetest dudes there is. He's always been there for me with a joke if I'm down or having a rough week, he'd give you there shirt off his back if you needed it or the food off his plate.

Matt's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and had it cut out and so far its seeming not to come back and we all hope it won't, but more recently his sister and mother of three children recently had some cancerous growths found on one of her kidneys. So far its unsure how they'll pay for the medical costs required to treat and hopefully get rid of the cancer. To make matters worse earlier today his father informed him of his prostate cancer thats in an advanced stage. This may all seem unbelievable but thats why its hit Matt with such a shock, imagine having 3 of your closest family members fall this ill this close together. It's really hard to see Matt not his usual laughing and hilarious self.

Heres what we have planned to help with some of the financial hurtles that lie ahead. We've planned eBay auctions with tons of all of our friends merch/records. If you have old merch laying around you have a few options that will help:

Sell your own: set up an ebay auction and in the title put merchformatt and in the body paste the following:
email for info on how to get the money from the auction to us.

Send your merch to us: look around your house for old merch that doesn't fit or that you just don't wear anymore, any old records will help too! Send old merch/records to:

Nick Arone
5800 central avenue pike
Knoxville, TN 37912

Other ways you can help?

Benefit show: Know bands wanting to come to Knoxville, TN for a benefit show? tell them to email

Paypal donations: We will be setting up a donation account for matt and his family soon once we work out the details.

What do you get in return? The feeling that you've done something good for a really good person, plus we might be sending out some care packages to some of you in return :)

for info and updates besides this blog please follow these twitter accounts:

Thank you so much for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!

Nick Arone on behalf of Matt Isbell and his family.

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