Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Deathwish contest!

So we we're just gonna donate two $20 giftcards to Deathwish Inc by then something awesome happened, Deathwish decided to pull an awesome mover an donate a $75 and $25 giftcard fo us instead, awesome right? You might be thinking but it's the end of the month and rent is due, well guess what, you have until Febuary 20th now! More chances to win and now more to win! Just donate a dollar or more to Merchformatt@gmail.com, and you're entered to win, dont worry, if you entered already you're still in the running. Huge thank you to Deathwish, alwaysolid and getting your order on time and Lukas from Miles Apart for coming up with this idea. Check out what you wanna buy with your giftcard over at Deathwish Inc and follow them over at twitter.com/deathwishinc


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